Programming News for Group Classes – Cambridge


Every Thursday from 5:45 – 7:00pm we will be hosting a skills class. Each week we will focus on a different skill/lift and various progressions, regressions and drills associated with that skill/lift.

Have a Suggestion for Skills Class? Talk with a Coach or shoot us a message 🙂



Friday will now be Make-Up Day at STOKE Cambridge. Gym hours will remain the same. The 6am class will follow Thursday’s Program. Evening hours will not change – the gym will be open for you to come in to complete a workout that you have missed from the week or to work on any skill/mobility work etc.


PRO TIP: Take a rest day Thursday and come to skills class.. Then Make-Up the workout on Friday

On-ice Team Training

Our On-ice Team Training sessions will be geared directly to your team’s needs. We will consult with your coaches to understand team weaknesses and development objectives. Whether your team needs help with skating, scoring, shooting, passing, stick handling, battling, 1 on 1’s, offensive zone, defensive zone, or systems; we can help! Sessions are available for all ages, levels, and at any time of the year.

Price for hamilton arenas :

Single – one hour session:

  • $110 – 2 Instructors
  • $135 – 3 Instructors

10 pack – one hour sessions:

  • $ 850 – 2 instructors
  • $1100 – 3 instructors

*All above prices are subject to HST and do not include ice rental cost. Additional cost for surrounding areas.

Please contact us or e-mail for any questions or to a book session.

Off-season Hockey Training

Hockey season is coming to an end. Some of you are in playoffs and some of you may already be done. Now the focus is shifting to off-season training – what should I be doing? How can I get bigger, faster, and stronger for next season? What do I need to do to take my game to the next level?

One of the best things you can do in the off-season is focus on becoming a better athlete. This means putting the hockey bag away for a couple of weeks, or better yet a couple of months. It’s time to give those overworked muscles a break and focus on balancing out your body.

Focus on getting stronger and more powerful. When you build up your strength and become more powerful you are harder to push off the puck, harder to battle in the corners, you can skate faster, and your shot will improve.

Spend some time building up your aerobic base. Having a strong aerobic base will give you the ability to work harder for longer, and recover quicker between intervals (for example recovering between shifts of a game). This foundation will be crucial once it is time to start working on anaerobic sprint work.

If you want to get on the ice during the first few months of the off-season, bring down the intensity and focus on skill work. Work on your passing, shooting, and skating but remember these ice times should be focused on improving skills and not used as conditioning sessions. Leave the conditioning work for the gym.

As the new season approaches shift the focus back to hockey and game like situations. The focus of conditioning sessions should shift from aerobic work to anaerobic sprint work. Sprinting intervals will feel much more like a game (or harder). Get back on the ice, bring up the intensity, and get your skills up to game speed.

*This is just an overview of a general off-season training plan. For the best results, and to see the most improvement a detailed program should be designed specifically for each player. The off season is an athletes opportunity to put in the work and get ahead of the pack – use it.

For information about our Hockey Training Programs click here!

Why train with STOKE

3 top reasons to train with STOKE

1) STOKE Assessment and Goal Setting Meeting

The first step of any program with STOKE begins with a thorough assessment and goal setting meeting.

Making a fitness program is a lot like planning a road trip. The first thing you need to do is answer 2 questions: Where are you? and Where are you going? This is why the first few steps of training with STOKE are: a Functional Movement Screen, Physical Testing, and a Goal Setting Meeting.

The Movement Screening and Testing let us see where you are at currently: How you move, how fast you can move, how much you can move etc.

The goal setting meeting allows us to understand what fitness means to YOU. Is it running a marathon or maxing a deadlift? Improving your agility on the ice or getting tougher in the boards? Climbing the stairs or carrying the groceries with ease? or is it just feeling better in your body? This gives us the ‘destination’ of your fitness journey.

Once we understand your current level of fitness and your personal fitness goals we are able to make a relevant roadmap (fitness plan) to help you achieve them… and once you arrive at your destination we’ll sit back down to set new goals.

2) Accessibility and Convenience

STOKE schedule boasts 65 hours of Gym Time (time when clients can come and complete their workouts). This means that you don’t need to rearrange your life around gym hours. Whether you are looking to hit the gym before work, on your lunch break or just before bed we’ll be open for you!

We also offer mobile training to clients who would prefer the gym to come to them! *These services are available in the Hamilton, Brantford and Cambridge areas

3) Value 

STOKE training may sound expensive when compared to facilities that offer memberships for $20 a month –  but when comparing value there is no comparison.

When you train with STOKE we take time to get to know you. We challenge you to be better and help you when you struggle. We are here to coach you: teach you how to move properly and safely and help you maximize your potential. When you join STOKE you are joining a fitness community dedicated to the ongoing improvement of it’s members. We are about making you healthier and happier than you were yesterday.