Mobile Personal Training

No Time to Drive to the gym? No equipment to Train at home?  No Problem!

Mobile Personal Training delivers a full service gym and STOKE coach to your doorstep. Eliminate the commute and train in your home or yard! We plan your program and bring all equipment necessary to you.

Where is STOKE Mobile Personal Training available? Our mobile services are available in Hamilton, Brantford, Cambridge and surrounding areas!

What is Mobile Personal Training like? The first step of a Mobile Personal Training program is a movement assessment, consultation and goal setting meeting with a STOKE coach. We then create a training program based on your current abilities, your fitness goals and schedule. So your training program will be specific to you and your goals and is designed at your convenience .

What kind of equipment will I train with? Mobile Personal Training Programs can include any of the following equipment: Dumbells, Kettlebells, Skipping ropes, Olympic Bar and Plates, Rowing machines, strength bands, rings, hurdles, plyometric boxes, medicine balls… and more!

Can I workout with a friend? Yes. Our mobile services are available to both individuals and small groups. You can even train as a family!

What is the cost? Contact us for a quote! *Pricing is dependant on: Distance, Frequency and number of sessions purchased (1 or 10)

How do I get started? Contact us to schedule your FREE Movement Assessment and Consultation. This can be done at your home or at one of our facilities.