Small Group Training

Small Group Training combines the fun of a group class with the benefits of Personal Training!

How Does Small Group Training Work?

The first step of a Small Group Training program is a Movement Assessment and Consultation with a STOKE coach. This can be done as a group or individually.

STOKE coaches will then take the information gathered in the Movement Assessment and Consultation to design a program for the group to complete together.

Each Small Group session will also be personalized for each client so that it fits their individuals abilities and goals.

What are the benefits to Small Group Training?

  • Opportunity to spend quality time with family/friends
  • Affordable and a great value. You get a program designed for the group but individualized for each member.
  • Opportunity to work towards a common goal as part of a training group (ie. train for a race or competition). Training partners provide encouragement and can help push you to be your best.
  • Opportunity to work towards your individual goals side by side. All sessions can be designed for a group with a range of abilities from beginner to advanced.

Grab a couple friends, colleagues or come as a family!

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