Stoke Reps – Stick Handling & Puck Control

Stoke Reps combines elite instruction with deliberate practice.

The key to mastery of any skill is the combination of coaching and feedback from a knowledgable instructor and time spent practicing the skill. Our Reps Program combines both and is a recipe for great results. 

Stoke Reps includes:

  • 2x 20 minute 1:1 stick handling session. Delivered bi-weekly via Zoom (scheduled at your convenience)
  • Stick handling training videos to be completed as homework

The zoom session will focus on teaching and correcting form. 

The training videos will allow the athlete time to practice the skills learned in their 1:1 session. 

What you need to participate: Hockey stick, ball / puck and access to Zoom 

Price: $80 + hst / month

To register please contact us at or 905.317.7379