Team Training

STOKE Strength and Conditioning Team Training is designed to build strong, agile and well conditioned athletes. Our sessions focus both on building better athletes and a stronger team. To do this we design the program around your teams goals and abilities and incorporate partner and group workouts to encourage teamwork and communication. 

The first stage of STOKE Team Training is a movement assessment. Each athlete will be individually assessed and tested to identify mobility issues, strengths and weaknesses. Each athlete will also have a short goal setting meeting with a STOKE coach. Programming will be designed for the group as a whole but will be personalized to match each athletes abilities. The personalization of the programming ensures all athletes are training at a level that matches their abilities.

A typical Strength and Conditioning Team Training Session includes:

  • Group warmup
  • Small group training – athletes will be grouped based on strengths and weaknesses identified in the physical testing and movement assessment
  • Team workout – focus on strength, speed, agility, anaerobic and aerobic training as well as teamwork and communication
  • Cool down – focusing on proper cool down and recovery techniques

Our coaches possess a great mix of experience playing hockey at the CIS, NCAA, National, International, and Olympic level. At STOKE Strength and Conditioning we understand the work ethic it takes to play at a higher level and we understand the science behind proper training. We aim to better both your team as a whole and your individual athletes in a safe but extremely challenging environment.

STOKE Strength and Conditioning welcomes all sports teams for Team Training!

Team Training sessions can be booked all year along at either one of our locations.

Team Single Session

$150 + hst

Team 10 pack

$1300 + hst

To book a session or if you have any questions please contact us at (905) 317-7379 or