Teen / Youth Fitness – Hamilton

Our Youth and Teen Fitness program is geared to kids/teens of all ages and abilities. We aim to give young athletes the tools they need to excel at their sports and to inspire all youth to lead healthy and active lives – whether they are currently active or not.

Our Youth and Teen Fitness program is a great way for teens to get stronger, challenge themselves and build self-esteem.

STOKE coaches lead each workout and teach proper movement mechanics to members.

How does a STOKE Teen Fitness Membership work?

Teen Fitness Memberships are monthly memberships. For $65.00 a month a Teen Fitness member can come to the gym during Teen Club hours and complete the workout with the group. This membership is UNLIMITED! Come as much as you like! There are 4-5 Classes a week.

How do I get started?

Sign up here and/or contact us at info@stokestrength.com


For questions or to inquire about volunteer discounts please contact us